Springseil Odin


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  • Springseil Odin
  • Springseil Odin
  • Springseil Odin
  • Springseil Odin
  • Springseil Odin

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The high quality SPEED ROPE ODIN skipping rope has bearing tips for increased speed and comfort, and the long handle improves grip confidence. Thick steel cable increases durability and quality of workout, and the ability to adjust the length will allow to fit each user.

Newest model of SPEED ROPE ODIN skipping rope is characterized by high quality of manufacturing and used materials. The best skipping rope in terms of comfort of use and durability.

Handles are properly embossed to reduce slipping, and the appropriate length improves grip.

Steel interchangeable rope was covered with a layer of polymer to protect against abrasion and has the ability to shorten it to fit the user. Low weight of the cord allows to reach higher speeds and increase the comfort of exercise.

Due to its high quality and balance, SPEED ROPE ODIN can be successfully used for home and professional training, including double unders and criss cross.


  • steel cable diameter: 2,4 mm
  • length of steel cable: 3,6 m
  • rope weight: 70g
  • color: ODIN
  • transparent rope sheath for protection against abrasion.
  • possibility to size the line
  • bearings for better comfort

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